Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Tiny Valentines

All of us had a great Valentine's Day today that started early in the day when I was suprised to learn that the girls had won the My Tiny Valentine contest that I entered them in about 2 weeks ago. We had to submit a picture and the judges picked a winner and it was Presley and Kourtney! This totally made our day even better and our good friend and photographer, Jennifer Dickey, was also beaming since it was her work! We won a bunch of cool things from different vendors but the title means the most to me. This is the picture that won:

I filled the girls' little mailboxes that I made for them with these little honey bee stuffed animals and also gave them some sock monkeys and chocolates that I happened to pick up at the store and they love them! No chocolate for them though-they are hyper enough as it is! They wore their First Valentine's Day onesie that my good friend Jennifer bought for them and we all just enjoyed the day together. Here are some pictures of our day:

Valentine's Day goodies!



Daddy snuggles before bed

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