Monday, February 27, 2012

Giving Back

The girls had a pulmonologist appointment today (everything went well) and they are weighing in at 13 lbs 3 oz for Presley and 15 lbs even for Kourtney. Travis and I have always felt that we owe the NICU alot for saving our girls and they were always so compassionate and caring and overall it was a great experience as best that it could be coming from that kind of situation. Some of the things that we got from the NICU during our stay were preemie clothes that were donated by another family and that we got to "shop" for in their little room that was filled with all different outfits and pick out which ones we wanted. That really made my day back then as I didn't feel/want to go out and shop for my tiny little babies as there was just so much more to do and worry about and the ones that are suitable for the NICU are hard to find since they have to be button snap in front for all the leads and the pants can't have footies as they need access to their foot for the pulse oximeter. So for the girls' birthday we asked for family and friends to donate either money or preemie clothes so that we could make a donation. We got lots of money and I had so much fun shopping for those little bitty babies in there and was able to get several outfits and 96 scrapbook papers and stickers so that the NICU nurses could make imprints of the babies' feet and hands, also something we got while in the NICU that I plan on framing and putting up in their nursery. It is hard to believe their feet were only 1 inch back then! While there, we actually ran into Jo, one of our primary nurses and she was SO excited and recognized us right away! We also ran into one of the neonatologists, Dr. Lee and talked to him for a bit and then everyone kept coming out a few at a time to say hello. It was so fun. We gave the big box of clothes and scrapbook paper to them and they were so appreciative and we knew the families would be just as excited as we were 1 year ago. we attached a before and after picture of the girls for inspiration and hope. Click on the picture to view it larger so that you can read it.

The donation

The front of the card

The back of the card

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