Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Low Flow Oxygen!

Presley has been moved down on her oxygen to the low flow cannula. This is great because it means she is one step closer to getting to come home. This is what she will probably be coming home on and the Dr. said she is just waiting for her to be able to take all of her feeds by bottle and then we can talk about getting her home! They also turned Kourtney's oxygen back down to 3 liters and she is doing fine but Presley is definitely ahead of her in terms of oxygen needs. She is on 3 right now and needs to be at 1 to go to the low flow like Presley. The eye Dr. also came back and said everything was exactly the same...Presley still has stage 2 zone 2 ROP and Kourtney has none. As long as it isn't getting worse I am happy. Here is a sweet picture I got of the girls together with the help of their favorite nurse Kathy.

Presley and Kourtney