Monday, March 21, 2011

Presley and Kourtney Are A Month Old!!

The girls are now a month old and are doing good. They are getting 13 mL of breast milk every 2 hours and Presley now weighs 2 lbs 2 ounces and Kourtney weighs 2 lbs. Kourtney is on the SiPap and Presley is still on the ventilator although they try every week to get her off of it. She's the boss! The nurses all tell me that they are feisty little girls and sometimes they even have to pin Presley's arm down because she has extubated herself a couple of times! Presley seems to be the feistier of the two since Kourtney just hangs out calmly with her hands up above her head. I change their diapers every chance I get and that is getting more and more often. We caught Presley smiling the other day and we even caught her on video doing it. I bought them each a purple bunny and Presley's is named Hopscotch and Kourtney's is named Cupcake. The girls did have grade 1&2 brain bleeds but the Drs. have told us that they aren't severe enough to do anything and that they are already receding. We still don't know if they have done any damage that will affect their hearing, eyesight, or if they will have cerebral palsy. That is always of concern with preemies, whether or not they have brain bleeds so we are worried about that being such a big possibility. Unfortunately, we won't know until they are about 1 year old and after we see how they are developing and reaching milestones. We still haven't got to hold the girls yet since they have to be more stable and off the ventilator. We should be able to "kangaroo care" Kourtney any day now since she is off the ventilator and getting more and more stable on it everyday. Until we can hold them, all we can do is to cup their head and their feet since babies this age aren't use to being touched or stroked so they love to feel contained. On 3/12/2011 Kourtney reached 2 lbs and on 3/13/2011 Presley did and we gave them 2 lb Awards to put on their isolettes for reaching a great milestone.Here are my favorite pictures from this month:

Containing Presley. She was really upset that day.

Mommy and Presley

Presley and Hopscotch

Kourtney when she was still on the ventilator

Kourtney on her SiPap with Cupcake
Kourtney on her SiPap sucking on her pacifier
Presley opening her eyes
Kourtney opening her eyes
Daddy's hand on Kourtney


Kourtney's favorite way to sleep

Kourtney all bundled up
Presley's isolette and 2 lb Award

Kourtney's isolette with 2 lb Award
Here are some videos:

Mommy talking to Kourtney
Presley smiling at Mommy
Kourtney smiling at Mommy
Mommy changing Presley's diaper
Mommy changing Kourtney's diaper
Kourtney waving hi on SiPap

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