Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mommy's Turn to Hold Kourtney!

Today was my turn to hold little Kourtney and this time we did Kangaroo Care, which is where you hold the baby up to the mother's bare chest for skin to skin contact. It was great, she fell right to sleep on me for over an hour until she got woke up by the nurse because she needed to eat. I can't wait to hold Presley now although she needs to get off of the ventilator first. They told us tonight they are going to try to extubate her again in a day or two. They are both 2.6lbs and are receiving 14 mL of breast milk.The nurses also made this cute little pictures with their names, birthdate, and their footprints! I love them they are so cute! Here are some pictures of me holding Kourtney:

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  1. Your girls are precious and strong, what a great Mommy you have become for them. Kudos. Just remember: They won't remember any of this.