Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Go Pro Video!

So I know I have been raving about the Go Pro camera for a while now and have been saying what awesome videos that Travis has been getting with it on flights around the Bay Area but yet I haven't been posting any and that's for a very good reason--they had to be approved with whoever is in charge of media for the Coast Guard--and we had a lot of videos to go through. With that being said, they have been approved and I can post them now! This is one of my favorites since it has a lot all in one video--it has views of the Bay, they fly under Golden Gate Bridge, there's 2 dolphins and 1 seal swimming (look for the 2 dolphins swimming side by side when the camera looks down on the water and then the seal following shortly after), circles Alcatraz, has views of the piers and of downtown AND all on a clear, non foggy day!!! Will be posting more of these soon as they take quite a lot of time to upload since they are such huge HD files--will also look into how to edit these to take out some of the filler non interesting stuff--ENJOY!!


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