Saturday, September 17, 2011


On Sunday, September 11th, I woke up to one of the girls coughing weird-I had never heard that kind of a cough before so I got up to check and see if they were alright. I put my hand on the chests to see if they were breathing like I usually do when I get up in the middle of the night for some reason- and I didn't feel Presley's chest rising. I flipped on the light and she was totally blue! I couldn't believe it-it was my worst nightmare. I quickly handed her to Travis told him to do CPR and I called 911. Travis gave her her 3 rescue breaths and she finally came to but she was wheezing and pale and still kind of blue. The ambulance got here and we went to CPMC. When we got there she was totally blue again and it took them exactly 40 minutes to get her breathing on her own again. It was awful and I hope I never have to see either one of them like that ever again. After 2 albuterol nebulizer treatments and finally a epinephrine vaporizing treatment she was OK and stable. They already had called the RT guys to come in and prepare to intubate her but at the last minute her airway opened up most likely because of the epinephrine. They told me it was RSV which is a really bad cold virus that is really bad for preemies and what they had always warned us about in the NICU before going home. I was really scared. They told us that the RSV would get worse in 2-3 days and that they may need to either give her oxygen or put her on the ventilator. Luckily, it did not progress and the doctor's were thinking that Sunday morning was probably the peak of the virus. Everyone came in and told Travis what a great job that he did and that had he not done the rescue breaths, she would not have made it. I am just now catching up on sleep since the breathing treatments contain caffeine and that makes little Miss Presley so hyper. I think I stayed up a whole 24 hours at the hospital with her that first night since Daddy was at home taking care of Kourtney. Here's a picture of Presley and her Daddy who saved her life:

Presley and her Daddy:her hero

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  1. Oh my goodness, I still have goosebumps head to toe! What an amazing, strong team you and Travis make!!!!! Presley is so blessed to have the smart and resourceful parents she has. Holy moly. What. A. Miracle.